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OK, I'm interested.  How do I get involved?

Terrific! The first thing you should know if that you don't have to take theatre classes at Herndon HS to take part in most of the school productions.

There are main stage shows in the fall and spring, and a children's theatre production in the winter. Watch for audition notices. There will be posters around the school, morning announcements, and postings on the home page of this website.

Otherwise,  contact Mr. Schklowsky, the theatre director. Either he or the stage manager will get in touch to determine how to get you involved.

I'm do chorus/sports/dance after school. Can I still participate?

Absolutely! The Herndon Theatre and Chorus departments work very closely so that's not usually a problem. The months before a production can be very time-intensive for the cast and crew, but most rehearsals are immediately after school. If your activities happen later in the day, you should be fine. Mr. Schklowsky also tries to be very flexible, asking you to list your pre-existing commitments when you try-out. If you can be flexible, he can be flexible.

And, if your after-school activities are seasonal, think about choosing a production that's off-season for your sport or activity.

What's involved in trying out?

Everyone who is trying out for a role in a production has to try out. You'll be asked to perform a one-minute monologue from the 20th or 21st century. If the show is a musical, you'll also have to sing and dance. Don't worry! There will also be an audition workshop several days to a week before the try-outs. You'll be taught a dance and given some options for a song to sing.

What's a monologue and where would I find one?

A monologue is just a speaking part. You'll be playing a character and speaking some lines to another character or the audience. It could be dramatic or comedic.  Pick a monologue with which you're comfortable.

There are lots of places to find monologues. Try the library, search the internet, check out local bookstores. (The Barnes & Noble store in Fair Lakes often has a very good selection.)

What if I don't want to be on stage? What else could I do?

Almost anything with the exception of technical operations (tech) -- you have to take the tech class to do this. We can always use help constructing sets, working on costumes, doing make-up, or helping backstage or front of the house during productions.

Can I do just one production a year? Or just the summer theatre program?

Yes, you can. But we're betting that once you get bitten by the theatre bug, just one won't be enough! Lots of students do the fall musical and take the winter season off. And the summer theatre program is a great way to immerse yourself in the whole experience when you have more time and there's a whole show to put together in less than four weeks!

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