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Who Are the Boosters?

The Drama Boosters is a group of parents and community members working to help create fun and positive student theatre experiences. Membership is free so please join us!

We provide a wide range of support, including:

  • helping the Drama Teacher, Raphael Schklowsky, in whatever capacity he needs
  • buying materials for sets and costumes, and helping get those sets and costumes made!
  • working on show publicity, programs and T-shirts
  • feeding the cast and crew during "Hell Week"
  • handling ticketing and concessions during shows
  • organizing cast parties and the end-of-year gala
  • college scholarships for drama students and financial assistance to allow needy students to fully participate in theatre department programs and activities

How You Can Help

Mostly, we'd love to be able to tap into your time and talents as a volunteer . . . but any financial contribution you can make is also gratefully accepted! (We are a registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization.)

The first step is to complete the Drama Boosters membership form and return it to us. Once we have your information, we can keep you up to speed on important dates and events (no surprises at 6:30 a.m. on a Tuesday!), and invite you to help out in your areas of interest.

Thank you!

You're a Booster If You . . .

  • support your child's interest in drama
  • help out at a show
  • alter a costume
  • send in snacks during Hell Week
    or for a party
  • paint sets
  • contribute financially to the program
  • do one of a million other things it   takes to make a show happen
Make it off​icial.

Complete the Drama Boosters
​Membership form below and then click on the Donate button to donate today!

Drama Boosters

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