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Cappie Critics

The Cappies is an international "Critics and Awards Program". High school theater and journalism students receive training as critics. They  attend local school productions, write reviews, and publish those reviews in local newspapers such as The Washington Post. They also vote for awards that are presented at a formal Cappies Gala.

To be considered, each student submitted a sample critique. Congratulations to the following students. Each will attend five shows and write critiques on each.

»    Carly Shaffer (Lead Critic)
»    Rachel Benfield
»    Allie Kassraie
»    Alyssa Luehring
»    Erin Maxwell
»    Ryan Muha
»    Jordan Rees
»    Emma Rood
»    Jules Yerovi

Sharpen those pencils, sharpen your minds, write your review, get them turned in on time!

Just for the Critics ​& Mentors