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Theater 1 – Intro to Theater:Theater Arts 1 provides students with an introduction to Theater Arts, allowing students the opportunity to experience dramatic literature through the creative process of performance and production.  This is a survey course covering the nine standards of learning for theater: Scriptwriting, Acting, Design and Production, Directing, Research, Comparing & Integrating Art Forms, Analysis & Critique, Context with Various Media, and Artistic Commitment.  Throughout the course, students will have the opportunity to explore and practice each of these skillsets in a practical performance setting, enabling students to determine possible areas of interest.

Topics Studied: Theatre & Ritual, Poetry, Children’s Theater, Scenic, Lighting, Costume & Sound Design, Theatre History, Improv, Radio Plays, Playwrighting

Theater 1 Theatre Without Borders – Intro to Theater for ESOL students and Advanced Directing for Theater 3 & 4: Theatre Without Borders develops student confidence and ability in communication through the creative process and cultural exchange of performance and production.  In addition, students will explore various aspects of theatrical disciplines from all over the world throughout this course.  Advanced students have the opportunity to learn about new cultures and direct students in different performance traditions throughout the year.

Topics Studied: Reader’s Theater, Improv, Puppetry, Production Process, Film & TV, Playwriting, Commedia dell’arte, Mime & Physical Theater, Public Speaking

Theater 2 – Intermediate Theater: Theater Arts 2 is a class for upper classmen that continues to build upon concepts learned in Theater Arts 1.  Through various modes of expression and performance, students will investigate dramatic literature, theatrical styles and historical periods. Throughout the course, students will have the opportunity to explore and practice each of these skillsets in a practical performance setting, applying what they’ve learned across various theatrical styles and historical periods. Strong participation in co-curricular theatrical productions is highly encouraged.

Topics Studied: Greek Theater, Shakespeare, Film & TV, Theatre of the Oppressed, Contemporary Theater, American Acting Styles, Puppetry, Directing, Commedia dell’arte

Theater 3&4 – Advanced Theater:  The advanced theatre course is for the serious student of theater. It builds upon the skills learned in Theater 1 & 2 while emphasizing the importance of working individually and as a member of an ensemble. Students are encouraged to develop the organizational and technical skills needed to express themselves creatively in theatre. A further challenge for students following this course is for them to become aware of their own perspectives and biases and to learn to respect those of others. This requires a willingness to understand alternative views, to respect and appreciate cultural diversity, and to see the varied role that theatre plays in reflecting these. Participation in co-curricular productions is strongly recommended.

Topics Studied: American Realism, Auditioning, Acting Theory, Aesthetics and Directing, Theater Traditions of the World, Students also have the opportunity to direct their learning toward a particular style or area of interest

Technical Theater 1-3:  In Technical Theater 1, students explore various areas of technical theatre such as lighting, costumes, sound, scenery, makeup, properties, and theatre management. An analysis of dramatic literature leads students to an understanding of the design and production process. In Technical Theater 2 & 3, students apply those skills they have learned by participating in a variety of theatre lab activities and practical projects. Emphasis is on script interpretation and development and execution of the design concept.  Participation in co-curricular productions is strongly encouraged.

Topics Studied: Theatrical Design & Construction, Aesthetics, Drafting, Technical Innovations, Stage Makeup, Production Processes & Theater Management

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